Vudu Announces HDX Video Format

Recently, VUDU Inc., a leading provider of digital technologies, launched its HDX Video Format. Considered as a groundbreaking video format, HDX enables you to watch Internet-delivered movie content in a full HD 1080p format. Enjoy watching great resolution images on any 40-inch HDTVs and Home Theaters using this newly launched format.

“HDX truly raises the bar on picture quality for HD movies delivered on demand, over the air, satellite or Internet and across the entire video landscape,” said Mark Jung, CEO of VUDU. “Accelerating consumer adoption of large screen HDTVs has fueled strong demand for the kind of viewing experience and picture quality only HDX can deliver.”

Capable of delivering high quality content from Internet, broadcast and cable, HDX Video Format has been designed to provide the users with a true cinematic experience. VUDU’s HDX features a TruFilm Technology to deliver high picture quality. Apart from this, it incorporates Film Grain Preservation, Color Gradient Processing, Statistical Variable Bitrate and Psycho visual Processing.No Via