VOLO PRO V Gamer HDMI Cable Comes with Free Copy of GamePro Magazine

TRU Company shifts its marketing attack to high gear with the aggressive promotion for their latest HDMI cable, the VOLO Pro V Gamer Series. The new cables are aims to provide a higher quality for home theater experience and gaming which will certainly get the exposure it needs with this new marketing alliance.

A free issue of GamePro Magazine has been bundled with the new HDMI cable for every purchase. The give-away is part of a larger promotion to introduce VOLO’s new line of high-quality, low-cost HDMI cables to consumers.

“For everyone who is still nursing an E3 hang-over, we are here to help with a fun give-away, to introduce our high-performance HDMI cables to the gaming community. Our PRO V Gamer Series caters to their specific needs at a much lower price point,” said TRU President, Mitch Norton.

(Source) Press