Void LP Player Concept

LP records have long been gone but some people are still looking for them. And as far as the Void LP player is concerned, don’t get your hopes up. It is still a work in progress in Korea. But you have to wonder if this thing would really work and where you can get the old vinyl records to play on them.

What is amazing about this LP player is that it is floating. It is not a design or an effect but is really included in the concept. It is said to be because of some magnetic and auto-calibrating control system. That alone speaks highly of how much this thing would cost although no price has been divulged yet.

The record player uses a carrier and dock outfitted with a magnetic and auto-calibrating control system which carries the LP into thin air as it is playing music. A self-running record player shaped in the form of a red sphere, contains a needle, amplifier and speaker, spins around the record, bringing the music to life.

(Source) DVice