Vizio VW37L Television Review-And Another Out of Nowhere Surprise

It’s been a week packed with surprises for me, folks, as I discover yet another brand I hadn’t seen very many entries from, Vizio, make an out of nowhere play with a deeply surprising, high quality entry, the Vizio VW37L.

The Vizio VW37L is a thirty seven inch 720p LCD television that includesa component input, a composite input, an S-video input, a PC input, and two HDMI inputs.

I’ll be honest with you, folks, I was just plain old amazed by this television.  It had a great picture and sound to match, with simple to use controls.  In fact, about the only downside to this television is that it’s somewhat limited in its ability to be a fully featured home theater setup television.   it just doesn’t have the ports for it, you understand–two is somewhat minimal without some juggling around.  But still, there’s more than enough to like here, and the price, five hundred bucks on Amazon (though if you’re willing to go used I’ve seen it hit much, much less.) isn’t too bad for what you get here.

The Vizio VW37L is a solid entrant, if not exactly top of the line.