Vizio VOJ320F1A Television Review-Fantastic Value!

Remember when I was talking about that Samsung yesterday?  The one that I said was a really RARE Samsung because I couldn’t find anything really bad to say about it?  Well, what would you say if I told you that you can get a television that’s pretty much just as good, with a few less features, but for a few bucks cheaper?

That’s what the Vizio VOJ320F1A is going to offer you.

The Vizio VOJ320F1A is a thirty two inch 1080p LCD television with SRS TruSurround and three HDMI inputs.  Okay, like I said, there aren’t a whole lot of special features included with this one, but the picture quality and the sound quality are both in VERY good order here.  This Vizio actually looks and sounds almost identical to the Samsung LN32B360.

And the really good news, the price–you can get one of these for as little as three hundred and sixty bucks via Amazon.  It’s a great buy whose time has most definitely come.