Vizio SV470M LCD Television Review-Surprisingly Impressive

We’ve got a pretty nice LCD television for you to see today, and we’re even familiar with the brand this time around. Today we take a look at the Vizio SV470M, and you should be pretty impressed when you get a look at this one yourself.

The Vizio SV470M is a forty seven inch 1080p LCD television that includes Smooth Motion technology (it provides a 120Hz refresh rate to cut down on blurring), an ambient light sensor to adjust light levels according to conditions in the room, two ten watt speakers backed up by SRS TruSurround HD, four HDMI ports, one RF connector, two component video inputs, an S-video input, a PC input, a USB port, an optical digital output, and an analog audio output.

Vizio is not exactly widely recognized as a name people think of when they think of quality hardware. But this one will make most everybody think differently. The picture looks terrifically crisp, and the sound is just as nice (I remain as convinced as ever that SRS TruSurround HD is what makes even ten watt speakers sound terrific). Plus, this Vizio plays about as nicely with old components as it does with newer components, and that’s a very welcome development.

Sounds pretty good, right? It actually gets better, because you can get one of these for as little as $669.95 (assuming you’re willing to shop at Zbay Overstock and Liquidation, of course), and that’s not half bad for a forty seven inch television.

In fact, the Vizio SV470M should really impress you when you get a chance to look at one. Definitely consider this one if you’re looking for a new Super Bowl television.