Vizio Shows Off XVT-3D LCD TV Compatible Active-Shutter 3D Glasses

As you’re sure you already know 3D displays are quite popular despite their price tags remaining quite high. Not only do you have to actually purchase a 3DTV or projector but you’ve also go to pick up a 3D Blu-ray player and some expensive glasses. Those of you who own one of Vizio’s XVT-3D LCD televisions who are looking for some official active-shutter glasses, you’re in luck.

Dubbed the VSG102, these active-shutter 3D shades are compatible with the XVT-3D range of LCD TVs as suggested above. The only downside? 2 pairs of them will run you $199.99.

When will prices associated with 3D entertainment drop? If/when it does it’s sure to seem much more appealing to consumers looking for top notch entertainment.

via 3d-display-info