Vizio Scraps Plasma Production

Similar to what other TV manufacturing companies are employing, Vizio is the latest one to announce that they are scrapping their Plasma TV biz. This will take effect starting the second quarter and will most likely be permanent since Vizio plans to focus on its LCD line.

Cost-cutting measures is seen as the reason behind this development as most companies in the TV industry try to come up with cost-efficient measures to survive the current economic conditions. Plasma televisions are dying and with a market that is slowly dwindling in demand, Vizio is better off addressing the growing demand for LCD TVs.

“From sometime in the second quarter, Vizio won’t sell its plasma television sets and possibilities are very low that the company will re-enter the plasma business,” a high-ranking executive said Friday.

“To tackle worsening profitability in the company’s overall TV business, Vizio needs to further concentrate on LCD TVs,” according to the executive who asked not to be identified.

(Source) Korea Times