Vizio outsells Sony

A report has come out showing that Vizio has climbed above Sony as the second largest seller of flat HDTVs in the U.S. According the report from iSuppli it has listed Samsung as having 20.2 percent of the market share and Vizio at 14.3 percent while Sony in right behind Vizio with 13.5 percent of the market. Panasonic and LG have a 10.6 and 10.7 percent of the market respectively.

Vizio is the rising star in the market as a competatively priced leader. They are now have a multi-billion role in the HDTV world by tapping into the low margin warehouse stores – specifically Costco. Vizio also is very prompt to market with value forward products that have new features at the lowest prices. They are coming with a low cost Blu-ray player and sound bar speaker system soon.