Vizio M470NV LED Television Review-A Solid Entrant in LED

We’re carrying on in the LED line with one out of the Vizio line, and the Vizio M470NV is ready to impress you when you get a look at it, and even the price tag won’t be too far out of line. It’s not going to be the best system you’ve ever seen, of course, but it certainly won’t be a slouch.

The Vizio M470NV is a forty seven inch 1080p LED television that offers built in wi-fi support, a Bluetooth remote control, a variety of internet applications, two ten watt speakers with SRS StudioSound HD as well as SRS TruSurround and SRS TruVolume, four HDMI inputs, a composite input, an RF input, a PC input, a stereo audio output and three USB ports.

It’s not surprising that a forty seven inch 1080p television would look great, and the Vizio M470NV certainly qualifies in that regard. The sound quality is also pretty nice, with plenty of SRS augmentations to back up otherwise bog-standard ten watt speakers. I’m a little disappointed that this doesn’t play so well with older equipment, but if you’ve got the new stuff to take full advantage of a 1080p LED screen, well, you’ll do pretty well here.

And considering you can pick one of these up at Amazon for the halfway decent price of nine hundred eighty seven bucks, that’s pretty good by most any standards; a fairly big screen for under a thousand bucks, plus it’s a full-on LED? Not bad at all, I’d say.

So if you’ve got under a thousand bucks to spare and you want a new, fairly large LED television and have plenty of new equipment, you’re definitely going to put the Vizio M470NV on your list.