Vizio Launches Dual HD Router And Three Blu-ray Players With Wi-Fi

Recently, Vizio announced that it’s going to release a dual HD router and three Wi-Fi-equipped Blu-ray players. The router is called the XWR100 and it handles HD media content that’s streamed to Vizio VIA-enabled devices, such the three Blu-ray players also being launched.

These Blu-ray players are known as the VBR210, VBR220 and VBR231. According to Vizio, the VBR231 is the first dual HD wireless Blu-ray player ever. Furthermore, all three of these devices feature Vizio Internet applications for streaming from Vudu, Netflix and other providers. The XWR100 dual HD router will cost you $99.99. Meanwhile, the three Blu-ray players are available for $189.99 this month but they will go up to $199.99 in July.