Vizio E550VL Television Review-Good Value On A Huge Screen

We’ve got another good LCD television for you to have a look at today, and it’s a beauty that’ll give you a much bigger picture than those we’ve seen lately. Sure, the price tag will also go up accordingly, but you should get plenty of happy returns from it. We’re talking about the Vizio E550VL, and it’s big and impressive.

The Vizio E550VL is a fifty five inch 1080p LCD television that offers up a one hundred twenty hertz refresh rate, ambient lighting that automatically sets brightness levels according to conditions, two fifteen watt speakers with SRS TruSurround, as well as SRS TruVolume, three HDMI ports, one component input, one RF input, one USB port, one composite input, one PC input, and one stereo audio output.

Now, the fact that you’ve got fifteen watt speakers augmented by two different SRS systems gives this one a little extra something special in the audio department. And better still, the picture is also something special at its hefty fifty five inch 1080p glory. You’ll likely expect me to be a bit dissatisfied by the lack of love for older gear, but there’s plenty of support overall.

The down side, such as it is, is that you’ll be paying fully nine hundred and fifty dollars for this system, which is a pretty hefty price tag but for what you get, not exactly bad.

If you’re looking for big new television, at a price that’s actually about in line with what you get, consider a look at a Vizio E550VL.