ViXS XCode High Speed Video Processing for NEC All-in-One PCs

The world of video processing via the PC just got a big boost with the availability of these new transcoder/encoder IC that is now injected by NEC for the VALUESTAR L, N and W Personal Computer’s (PC’s). The XCode 3106 features the ability to transcode real-time HD MPEG2 broadcast video to HD MPEG4 AVC, allowing the VALUESTAR PC to increase its video storage capacity by six times.

XCode 3106 interfaces directly to Dual ISDB-T Demodulators/Tuners and has been engineered to descramble Japanese Secure Broadcast content using its integrated Smart Card controller and Security Engine. These features including high speed transcoding have allowed NEC to build a multimedia all-in-one PC with the ability to support Preview & Record and schedule a 2nd Recording while securing the recorded video content using NEC’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) security on to the Hard Drive Disk (HDD) at 1/6th the original bit rate.

The ViXS XCode Series of ICs has pushed the performance envelope when it comes to single-chip low power hardware transcoders. PC manufacturers now have the unique opportunity to build high performance multimedia PC products with XCode Series by offloading all CPU intensive secure video processing tasks from the main CPU.

(Source) Press