Vivid Audio New Speaker Models


Vivid Audio

Vivid Audio, from South Africa, will be relaunching eight speaker models in the coming weeks and months. The first model to be revealed, the flagship Giya G1 (SRP: $50,000) will be exhibited during the Munich High-End Show next week. Few details are known about this superior speaker except that it is a four-way, floor-standing, speaker built in an offbeat cabinet.

Some of the other speakers to be launched by Vivid include the B1 floorstander ($16,000), the V1.5 floorstander ($8,000), the V1w wallmount speaker ($7,000), the K1 floorstander ($22,500), the V1s two-way bookshelf speaker ($7,000), the V1h horizontal center speaker ($3,500) and the C1 center channel speaker ($6,400).