VisionArt system

Recently, VisionArt announced its new integrated audio video system. Brought out by Triad Speakers, the VisionArt Audio Solutions enhances the wide variety of decor benefits for property owners. It is a custom-made retracting fine arts canvas system that can be scaled to fit any size and shape.

Designed to conceal flat panel televisions with museum-quality, VisionArt System allows integration of a compact, high-performance front speaker system with a VisionArt unit. Offering dynamic, high fidelity sound, this system is just ideal for homes, hotels, conference rooms and office purposes.

“VisionArt fine art concealment enhances the best in room decor and now, with the option of specifying built-in high-fidelity sound, it’s even better,” said Dave Froerer, vice president of VisionArt. “From the exclusive luxury of Rosewood’s newly opened Mansions on Peachtree property in Atlanta, to the historic accuracy of the Mariemont Inn in Cincinnati, a 1920s Tudor property, VisionArt’s fine art television concealment can be tailored to any taste or to suit any style.”

Via: Press