Vinyl For Your Home Theater


USB Turntable

Do you have old vinyl records still lying around collecting dust? Before you set them out for that garage sale, consider including one of the newer turntables now showing up on the small electronics market in your home theater set-up. Recent years have seen a resurgence in sales of turntables, partially brought on by the popularity of rap music and ‘sampling’, and partly due to the number of Baby Boomer who really do want to be able to play those Lovin’ Spoonful albums at home without being laughed at.

Many of the newer turntables now come with a USB connection, making it possible to not only hook the turntable up to your home theater system , but also creating an interface with a PC that makes possible all kinds of modifications and options for copying sound. Manufacturers that currently offer USB capable turntables include Audio-Technica, Ion, Sony, Stanton, and Sumiko Pro/Ject.