Vincent Audio KHV-111MK Hybrid Tube Headphone Amplifier

Vincent Audio KHV-111MK Hybrid Tube Headphone Amplifier All those out there who are serious headphone listeners, now can get the most pleasure out of music with the newly introduced high-quality headphone amplifier by Vincent Audio. To deliver the best of both worlds, the headphone uses a classic two-channel 12AX7 vacuum tube and solid-state circuitry.

The higher operating voltages of vacuum tubes and the solid-state sections offer the KHV-111MK a very large and stable power supply section. Compared to other headphone amplifies the KHV-111MK weighs in at a hefty 7 pounds because of the power supply combined with the heavy-duty chassis used to shield the sensitive circuitry.

The rear-panel of the KHV-111MK has gold-plated stereo RCA input jacks. Further, the headphone features separate, front-panel volume controls for the left and right channels, power switch, a front 1/4-inch headphone jack and a window to monitor the glow of the vacuum tube filament.

The KHV-111MK amplifier is available right now in black or silver finish at SRP of $499.95.