Viewsonic VP930b LCD Monitor

Viewsonic, the best known and largest manufacturers of CRT and TFT monitors, have come up with yet another amazing monitor, the VP930b. The VP930b is a 19 inch LCD monitor characterized as "Pro Series", aimed more for professional use.

The VP930b LCD monitor features uniquely sculpted progressive ThinEdge™ design. The tilt and swivel adjustments and XtremeView® wide 170 viewing angles make this display even more attractive. ClearMotiv 8ms broadcast quality video response enables digital HD quality full motion video.

The ultra-slim bezel design of the VP930b enhances productivity enabling multiple-display setups, ergonomic adjustments, digital multiplatform connectivity making it ideal for graphic production, medical and financial professionals. All these enhanced features and technologies of the Viewsonic VP930b separate it from the rest.