ViewSonic PGD-150 Active Stereographic3D Shutter Glasses

Right from movie theaters to home theaters, 3D technology is popping up all over. Keeping this in mind, ViewSonic recently introduced the new PGD-150 Active Stereographic3D shutter glasses. Made to be water and dust proof, the glasses will let you enjoy ultimate blur-free 3D viewing experience.

Designed to work with 3D ready projectors by ViewSonic, the PGD-150 offers 1000:1 contrast, a 50ft effective use distance and an active shutter glass. Powered by lithium batteries, the glasses can be used for up to 70 hours without replacement.

Erik Willey, the director of projector product marketing for ViewSonic commented, "We are excited to help open new worlds of viewing possibilities and put 3D within reach for a wider sector of the population – whether for work, entertainment or learning."

PJD5112, PJD5352, PJD6211, PJD6221, PJD6241, PJD6251, PJD6381, and PJD6531w are few projectors from ViewSonic compatible with the PGD-150 Active Stereographic 3D shutter glasses. The glasses are now available for $99 each.