VIC Navisurfer II UBU-3g announced

If you haven’t heard about the VIC Navisurfer II UBU-3g before, fret not, this is why we’re bringing it to your attention. After all, I’m pretty sure that you must be tired reading all about projectors, surround sound speakers, headphones, and other stuff which normally concern the living room. Well, there is something different this time around – we’re looking at the VIC Navisurfer II UBU-3g instead.

What makes the Navisurfer II UBU-3G truly special? This idea will usher in an unimaginable new experience where in car entertainment is concerned, running on an Ubuntu 10.10 based software that boasts a car-friendly customized interface (by that we assume it wouldn’t nudge you towards an accident) and 3G wireless broadband connection to keep you connected on the go.

Apart from all the possible features of a traditional in-car entertainment, it will come with the whole benefits of a PC and a broadband connection even when you’re away from home or the office. After all, doing what a standard stereo player (and priced like one, too) is a cinch – it delivers more than that by offering thousands of Internet Radio and TV channels to choose from from all over the world, Internet browsing capability, free GPS navigation to help you get around, social network support as well as the ability to customize the system to suit your needs.