Very cool Star Wars Inspired Home Theater Design

We have seen scads of terrific home theater designs before, and this one is definitely from a galaxy far, far, away. It is as cool as the Death star model.

It is located in some megafan’s home in Hawaii, and it certainly looks as if you are on one of spaceships in the trilogy. It is pretty spacious at 10,000 square feet of its contemporary design. There are approximately six flat panel HDTVs, and they are controled by touchscreen remotes from Crestron that can select the correct inputs and stuff.

There is also a life-size C-3PO and R2-D2 droids that talk, not to mention the three dimensional fiber optic starscape. There is a motorized pocket door that is the entrance, so you really feel like you are in space.

Man, is there even a point in watching a Star Wars movie on this? Perhaps you should just re-open a Hawaiian version of Star Tours here, and this house can make some extra money by charging admission. Something has to finance this build.