Velodyne SC-600 Subwoofer Series

Velodyne Acoustic has proudly introduced its SC-600 subwoofer series. The SC-600 subwoofer line is quite affordable as compared to already available Velodyne current SubContractor series. The SC-600 series consists of SC-600 IW (in wall) subwoofer, the SC-600 IF/IC subwoofer and SC-600 amplifier. Moreover, it also has 400 watts dynamic power amplifier, which can easily control both subwoofers for better results.

The SC-600 IW subwoofer can be easily installed in new construction, as well as application with the help of its one-piece sealed corral. The SC-600 IF/IC (In floor/In Ceiling) is also a high-quality subwoofer and it can be fixed in the floor, ceiling, riser, closet or other areas.

"The SC-600 Series is the best concealed bass for under $1000," said Bruce Hall, president of Velodyne. "The Velodyne engineers have perfectly matched the cabinet, drivers and amp for the best sound possible and installation is truly as easy as cut, plug and play."

Apart from this, the latest SC-600 amplifier provides enough power to the SC-600 IW and SC-IF/IC subwoofer. It also supports 400 watts peak power and 200 watts RMS, five-band Auto-EQ room bass correction system and many more.

The Velodyne SC-600 subwoofer series’ all three products are just available at an estimated retail price of 499.50.