Velodyne DEQ-R Series Subwoofers

Velodyne Acoustics, Inc., world’s leading manufacturer of powered subwoofers, has recently unveiled its new DEQ-R Series Subwoofers. Designed with a super combination of an easy front panel user interface these new subwoofers come with remote controls to delivers high quality bass performance.

Featuring a one-touch and five-band Auto-EQ room bass correction system, the new DEQ-R Series takes less than 60 seconds to integrate the subwoofer with the room. The newly launched series comprises of four great models, including, the DEQ-8R, the DEQ-10R, the DEQ-12R and DEQ-15R.

Velodyne’s DEQ-8R comes with an 8” forward firing driver, while DEQ-10R comes with a 10” forward firing driver. The DEQ-12R comes with a 12” forward firing driver and the DEQ-15R comes with a 15” forward firing driver. All these four models sport a slotted bass-reflex design to minimize the distortion and maximize the bass impact.

The newly launched Velodyne DEQ-R Series Subwoofers, namely, the DEQ-8R, the DEQ-10R, the DEQ-12R and DEQ-15R are priced at $ 599, $ 699, $ 799 and $ 1,099 respectively.

Via: Press