USC Gets Fantastic New Digital Cinema Projector

The School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California is regarded as one of the greatest film schools on Earth.  In fact, it’s actually such a big deal that George Lucas himself recently built them a multimillion dollar cinema complex, in which everything but the projectors was digital.  At the time, apparently, they weren’t available.

But the Barco company, who, ironically enough, manufactures digital cinema projectors, stepped in to fill in the gap and gave USC one of its top of the line DP-3000s, which had just finished exhibiting at the ShoWest show in Las Vegas.  It helps that one of the top muck-a-mucks over at Barco, Todd Hoddick, was a former USC student.  He in turn had this to say:

“Barco is thrilled to be a part of those companies that are ‘giving back’ to the very university that’s given so much to the entertainment industry. As a USC alumnus myself, and having been part of that extraordinary community in the eighties, I know the value of matching superb equipment with superb curriculum. It’s an honor to have our system as a fundamental part of the students’ introduction to Digital Cinema.”

With that new component in place, there should be plenty of years of solid watching to come.