UPnP media server

chinavasion CVSAX 4600 Chinavasion has come up with its new UPnP media server, which allows you to fetch everything from your computer onto your home theater system. Media servers help the users to connect your TVs and communicate with the PC wirelessly. It can also submit other forms of connection due to its easiness.

"Media servers are an absolute must for people who dream of the day when they can surf the internet and order their groceries from their home theater system," said Rose Li.

The UPnP media server is better than other media servers because of its versatility and ability of easy-to-use. The users can use the media server as per their choice, as it can accept CF, SD cards, USBs, RCA inputs and a lot more. It is completely different from other conventional media servers, as you can watch or listen to songs and can also have a collection of videos by clicking a button.

Via: Chinavasion