Universal Remote Control Concept

Universal Remote Concept

Designer Zeynep Altmisoglu has come up with a remote control concept nicknamed “Universal Remote Control ” that addresses our emotional attachment with gadgets not just as simple controls but also as a way to keep us aware of the health of our body. Sporting a transparent LCD display, the remote is able to recognize the user as a living being and modifies its transparent display according to the demands and emotions of the users. The Universal Remote also includes a blood pressure measuring apparatus. When closed, the remote becomes transparent only to reappear after it’s opened again, thanks to the glass LCD technology.

This remote control is capable of adapting its interface, when connected to a PC, to meet the needs of different users. Furthermore, you can remove the blood pressure measuring setup from the remote, turn it back for emotion mode and compress from both sides for wearing it on your ear, as a sort of earring, to evaluate and forward on your emotions. No word yet as to if/when we may see this type of remote used.