Universal MX-650 Remote Control


Single room Home Theaters or multiple AV entertainment systems with more than one remote control can now be controlled with only one remote control MX-650. Easy to install and use MX-650 simplifies the operation of complex Home Theatres.

Installers can put any command on LCD Page and personalize screen’s iconography. As it works on Radio Frequency, it does not have to be in the line of sight of the equipment to be operated and it can control 100 feet away components or components in cabinets or behind doors.

Apart from unmatched flexibility and diagnostic capabilities, it also offers rock-solid Narrow Band RF and voltage sensors. Its easy to use capability can be judged by the fact that it sets the Theatre System to play a DVD with just one button. Motion Sensor turns on the LCD Screen automatically when the remote is picked up. The MX-650 has an inbuilt time/date display, rechargeable lithium ion battery, low-battery alert and a USB programming cable.

Via: Universal