Universal MX-450 Remote

Ever thought of using just one remote control for all your digital appliances? Then, you can actually get one right now. Recently, URC introduced the MX-450 universal remote control. Sporting a stylish design, this universal remote control features a 2-inch LCD display and provides you with a graphical user interface.

One of the most innovative features of MX-450 universal remote control is Macro Editing that enables programmers to program directly on the remote control even without using a PC. Sounds interesting! Isn’t?

The new MX-450 universal remote control comes fitted with a 32MB flash memory. It is capable of controlling up to 18 devices. Measuring 8” x 2.25” x 1.25”, this universal remote weighs just 9 ounces. MX-450 can be yours in just $ 249.00.

Via: Universal Remote