Universal intros Xsight Next Generation of Advanced Universal Remotes

Universal Electronics BV is a wholly owned subsidiary of Universal Electronics Inc. and it is introducing a new line up of advanced retail remotes under the One For All brand. Their main aim is to distribute it outside of North America. Consumers will find this Xsight line of advanced remote controls quite friendly as it offers both on-remote set up and Web-based personalization.

Its features are:

Touch slide navigation

Personalization with favorites, profiles, and macros for activities

Control for up to 18 devices

Bright, full color displays

Both on-remote and Web set up for quick, out-of-the-box use and advanced personalization

You will find Xsight as a winning combination of simplicity, advanced features and a sleek, modern design that is a perfect fit for today’s modern home theater. It offers everything that a user would want to explore. You can even set it up without going through the instruction manuals as the intuitive menu on the 2.2” color display will help you in it.

Get the Xsight Next Generation of Advanced Universal Remotes in select stores in Europe from mid-October. The Xsight Touch will cost you 199.00 € (RRP) and the Xsight Colour will cost 149.00 € (RRP) only.

Via: Press