Universal DVD Player from Accurate Imaging Technolgies

Accurate Imaging Technologies are to introduce a universal disc player, the Accurate Digital Max. It will support both DVD-Audio and SACD, together with standard DVD-Video playback features.

AIT is a newly formed company, a joint venture between James Wellnitz, previously of Kloss Video, Pulsar, Runco and Vidikron of America, and Bob Rosser, President of Ultimate Entertainment and Systems Design, an Arizona-based custom install business.

The company will concentrate on sales and support of high-performance video systems for the home theatre market, as well as the development of consumer interface solutions that make complex, sophisticated equipment and systems easy to use. The AIT product line will include high-performance video projectors, digital video image processors, DVD players and a unique modular projection system.

Further details about the Accurate Digital Max as we get them…