Tymphany LAT 250 Smallest Subwoofer in unusual design


Tymphany exhibited its smallest subwoofer LAT 250 during Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The LAT 250 was honored in the Enabling technologies category, during 2007 International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award. The subwoofer can fit into modern consumer electronics products for example MP3 and cell phone docking stations, Flat panel Tvs, multimedia PCs etc. Based on innovative advancements this smallest cylindrical LAT 250 subwoofer generates high quality audio for the listener and eliminates vibrations.

Single cone is divided into small, flat diaphragms all in a tube which is connected to motors at both the ends through lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber rods. When each motor drives half diaphragms in a push pull manner, the air is pumped through sides of loudspeakers giving vibration free rich bass sound. This audio enriched product provides high quality sound at no extra cost. Boasting such good qualities, the LAT 250 can be used in lifestyle consumer electronics products. Price of LAT 250 depends on acoustic engineering and customization required and quantity.

Via: Tymphany