Two Important Points About Comcasts Takeover of NBC

All right, folks, two nifty points to bear in mind about the all too possible takeover of NBC by Comcast:

1. Hulu will not be summarily executed.

2. NBC will not be spun off.

Most people were fearing one or both of those two would result from a Comcast takeover of NBC, and frankly, either of these would have made sense.  Network TV is suffering badly due to slumping advertising revenues–NBC not least among them–and Hulu posed a serious threat to Comcast’s operations on two fronts.

It would have made a whole lot of sense had Comcast done either or both of those two things.  Frankly, it would have improved Comcast’s bottom line by a factor of a whole lot HAD they done either or both of those two things.  Why they’re not planning to do those things, I’ll never know.

But what may answer the question is the knowledge that Comcast has a contract with Hulu, or rather, Hulu’s subsidiary Fancast.  That’d explain that much clearly…but why no spinoff of NBC?  That we don’t know…at least, not yet.