TVonics MFR-200 DVB-T set top box

.Scientists and researchers are harnessing science and technologies to build world’s complex systems, yet consumers demand simplest devices for their regular use. TVonics recently announced that it will launch world’s smallest and easiest to connect MFR-200 DVB-T set top box priced ?45 in the UK.

The model is expected to come in the size of a matchbox. It does not use a SCART connection and gets connected via the standard aerial connector. MFR-200 DVB-T set top box features 8 day EPG, full MHEG5 1.06 digital text, DVB subtitles and audio description processing. It would also carry an ergonomic remote control handset. It consumes just 5W of power in use whereas 2W in standby mode. Just plug it and it will scan the channels itself.

Via: Yahoo News