TVonics DTR Z500 Freeview Recorder

For home theater consumers who want more storage at a reasonable price, here is another Freeview recorder offering from TVonics, the DTR Z500. It generally offers high-quality, energy-efficient hardware that works incredibly well. The TVonics DTR-Z500 is a ?200 recorder that features a 500GB hard drive and many other Freeview+ features, making it an attractive machine.

The DTR-Z500 is certainly unique in terms of design. It’s partly constructed from a single, solid oval of metal. Into this the electronics are inserted on a sort of tray, which also holds the rear and front panels. This two-part construction makes for a very sturdy device.

The picture quality via Scart is superb, and will look great on an older CRT. Sadly, the lack of HDMI makes it a less attractive proposition for flat-panel TVs. Overall, this sturdy Freeview Playback machine does what it says on the tin and will suit people looking for a simple but comprehensive digital recorder.

(Source) Crave