Tvix M5100sh: HD Player or a Trashcan?

.Tvix has recently announced its latest M-5100SH HD Player in the shape of a trash can. What??????? A TRASH CAN…But it looks pretty cool. Hey! yu need to take care no one throws garbage in it. The Player features 3.5-inch hard drive is just like previous model M-4100SH. Latest model will be sold at more affordable price $439. M-5100SH will deliver exactly the same H.264 decoding and DVD .iso image playback, with its Sigma EM8623 processor, the same HDMI output and the same Full HD 1080p ouput as was ion previous model. M-5100SH comes equipped with USB 2.0 host ports, Ethernet, one USB 2.0 target port, Multi I/O port, composite, S-Video, component and digital audio output via S/PDIF and coaxial.

Via: Gizmodo