TVGuardian removes those pesky swear words

As a parent, there are certain shows that I won’t let my kids watch. I’m sort of wondering at what point in time I will introduce them to shows that have swear words, but it wasn’t like someone took time to introduce them to me.

I have no idea what kind of parent I will be when my kids start becoming interested in shows that aren’t on the Disney channel, but if I am those who get all worried when certain four letter (or three or five letter) words are spoken, I can get TVGuardian.

You can watch a video sample of how TVGuardian has turned shows like Monk and According to Jim into “cleaner” versions of themselves by altering the language. So when Captain Stottlemeyer says: “I want to get this son of a b***h, it goes all quite and says “nail this jerk”. A similar thing happens on According to Jim, when a character utters d**n it.

Well, if you really think you can save your child’s innocence with just this $210 TVGuardian box, then you probably have another thing coming. For me, I have found that the presence of profanity has just made me ignore it all the more.