TVBLOB Brings Social Media to Set Top Box



TVBLOB has announced that has integrated its social video bookmarking service with the BLOBbox which is a hybrid set-top box for analog and HD televisions. By using a BLOBbox and the service, new and existing users can easily bookmark “free-to-web” video content anywhere online, view it on big screen TVs, and even share links with friends and family. In merely two clicks, makes video from the web playable on an iPod, iPhone, portable media player, videogame console, mobile phone, or set-top box.

Best of all, users don’t need to worry about encoding, resolution differences, or bit rates because automatically displays the highest quality video imaginable on the receiving device. In addition to being an HD PVR and free Digital Terrestrial TV receiver, the flexible BLOBbox blends conventional broadcast TV with Web TV possibilities including the ability to browse sites like Wikipedia, YouTube, Picasa, check Gmail, watch online television, subscribe to audio and video podcasts through services like Miro and download video using BitTorrent to watch in 1080p HD.The BLOBbox is available for buy now from TecnologieCreative in Italy or directly from the BLOBbox website. The requirements are a standard television with analog or HDMI input and a broadband connection.