Turn Your iPod Into A Full Home Stereo

Now, you may think that title’s somewhat of a misnomer.  There are lots of home theatre receivers and speaker packages that include iPod docks, but I don’t see too many of them that also work with the iPhone.

It’s called the Aurora Soundorb system from Gear4, and it’s got more features than your standard CAR.  For instance, it comes with a SoundBar speaker and separate subwoofer, thus really upping the quality of the playback.  Even better, it’s got DSP technology included that allows for both Virtual Wide Stereo mode and Virtual Surround Sound.

Yeah, and that’s for your IPOD.

It’ll also provide a visualization effect, as the subwoofer contains an array of LEDs that are user programmable, and even better, you can also hook this sucker up to your TV or DVD player using the SoundOrb Aurora.

Now, I haven’t heard one of these yet, so I can’t tell you how well it actually lives up to its promises, but it definitely means to be versatile.  It’s a jack of all trades system, but is it a master of any of them?  If you’re willing to drop two hundred and fifty pounds sterling on it (about five hundred bucks in the ’states) you can buy direct from Gear4 and find out.