TST2 Floor Standing Speakers

Here is another option for home theater artists. The Speaker Company brings us low cost floor standing speakers at just $449 a pair. Normally one would find this hard to believe, owing to the fact that floor standing speakers carry a hefty price tag in the market. But there is no joke in this one. They are for real.

At 50+ pounds, they are a bit hard to move around. They are rear ported near the bottom, have dual binding posts for bi-amping, and are vinyl wrapped in wood grain black except for the front which has a sort of plastic finish. The front of the speaker sports an MTM driver configuration with two 5.25a€? aluminum drivers and a 1a€? closed-cell foamed polypropylene HiCell dome tweeter.

There is a 10a€? side firing paper coated woofer. There is a single pair of plastic outriggers for the front of the speakers which need to be installed manually with two screws each. The spike attachment points on the outriggers are slightly recessed so that it matches up with the rear insert. There are little rubber gloves to cover the jester hats presumably for placement on hardwood or tile floors.

(Source) Electronic House