Tritton AX Pro Headphones

For the people looking for private listening headphone solutions, the Tritton AX Pro may be your best bet. The AX Pro has eight individual speakers, four in each ear. This allows it to produce true 5.1 Surround Sound rather than emulating surround sound through two speakers. It also allows the headset to deliver very distinctive sounds to create a 3D audio accuracy that is simply not possible with only two speakers.

The AX Pro works with the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac and even some DvD players and surround sound speaker systems. So, basically, you can plug it into a lot of stuff. You still can’t plug it into your iPod, and I couldn’t get it hooked up to my Yamaha DGX-505 Portable Grand keyboard – which would have been totally awesome – but if you play on multiple platforms, you can really get your money out of this headset.

The headset itself is durable, and you have the option of hooking a second headset into the audio controller, which is nice. And once you get everything set up, you’ll forget all about little things like needing two outlets as soon as you sit down at your drums and find out just how much cooler Rock Band 2 has become all of a sudden.

(Source) Examiner