Toshibas Math Sucks, or, Convenience Is For Suckers With Lots of Money

Gather round, kiddies–it’s time for math fun with Toshiba!

I know, I said the word “Math” and half of you just got the cold sweats thinking you had a test today.  But it’s cool.  This is going to be math FUN!

Toshiba’s introducing a new product, you see–you’ve heard about it a little here already; a combination LCD TV and DVD player.  Comes with your choice of screen sizes: nineteen, twenty two or twenty six inch.  Plus, apparently, it can be run on direct current with an available free inverter, which is actually something new and different.

The twenty six inch model costs $ range from $279.99-499.99.

At this point, you’re probably thinking what I’m thinking: who’d pay a thousand bucks for a twenty six inch LCD and a DVD player?  That’s where the math fun comes in!

A twenty six inch Toshiba television, by itself, runs as low as $283. A Toshiba DVD player, retails for about $39.  This means you could put together your own array for about a third of what Toshiba’s charging for the all-in-one uint.  That doesn’t make much sense, somehow.