Toshibas Glasses-free 3D TVs arent selling as well as expected

Toshiba had some glasses-free 3D displays on display at CES, but there was a line to it.

I can honestly say that I didn’t feel like waiting in line for something that should be put on display. I mean, if it is glasses-free, then show everyone how great it is.

Of course, I think these 56-inch and 65-inch naked-eye 3D TVs require a certain place to stand to get them to work. Maybe this is why their 12-inch and 20-inch glasses-free TVs aren’t selling.

As my Source says, Toshiba did not sell their projected 1,000 models of each of them, and only sold 500 units of them.

I guess glasses-free 3D isn’t so big. If you want it the 12-inch version is $1,430 and the 20-inch model is $2,870.