Toshiba XDE600KE-Toshiba Going Back To The Well

So there’s a new product announcement from Toshiba, the Toshiba XDE600KE, which proves conclusively that they’re still smarting over losing the HD / Blu-Ray format war.

For those of you not familiar with the XDE format, and frankly, if you are, you’re not alone, the XDE format is the format that upconverts standard DVDs so that these play in full 1080p.  And Toshiba’s newest upconverter will not only make your old DVDs actually look better than your normal line of upconverters, but will also offer a slew of outputs, Regza Link technology in case you’ve got some Regza pieces, and a USB port allowing for lots of awesome like picture viewing and MP3 playing.

The word is that Toshiba will be bringing these out to at least Europe this fall for an as yet undisclosed amount of money, and frankly, even I’m tempted.  Sure, it’s an upscale DVD player, but considering most of my home theatre stock is IN DVD, making them look 1080p amazing is a tantalizing offer.