Toshiba XD-E500 Dvd Player

Toshiba recently launched the DVD player XD-E500 based on new video enhancement technology where XDE stands for eXtended Detail Enhancement. You can select from various picture modes, viz. Sharp, Color and Contrast to view detailed vibrant images with strong contrast.

"Consumers have embraced the DVD format like no other technology and invested in large libraries of their favorite movies. As the market moves towards high definition, XDE lets them experience their existing DVD library and the tens of thousands of DVD titles in a whole new way," said Louis Masses, Director of Product Planning.

While the sharp picture mode ideal for outdoor scene offers sharp edges with detailed enhancement of the entire picture, the color mode enriches the color. The contrast mode augments the visibility of the dark scenes. The XD-E500 comes with DivX certification. It features HDMI-CEC, JPEG compatibility and delivers successful playback of MP3 and WMA.

The extensive print and online advertising campaign will make sure that the DVD player reaches every household. Get the maximum of DVD movie-viewing experience from XD-E500 which is reasonably priced at $149.99 and is available at all the authorized retailers.