Toshiba Varida Digital Video Recorders

Toshiba will soon release its two new Varida Digital Video Recorders in Japan for the general public. The Varida RD-G503 and the Varida RD-E303 DVRs incorporate Toshiba’s experience and up-to-the-minute technology for stunning results. The DVRs perform DVD upscaling to HD through integrated analogue/digital tuners.

High storage capacity hard drives of 500GB for Vardia RD-G503 and 300GB for Vardia RD-E303 DVRs allow storing unlimited hours of high quality videos. A built-in DVD burner enables you to compile Optical disks in MPEG-02 TS and H.264/MPEG-04 AVC formats.

Both recorders come with a pair of remotes one for general use and second for full features accessibility. One of the remotes features a Small display updating you about the program information. The Toshiba’s Vardia RD-G503 and Vardia RD-E303 DVRs will hit the Japanese Market in February 2009 and are expected to carry a price tag of $770 and $660 respectively.