Toshiba TDP-T45 Projector

Toshiba continued its tradition of being global leader in projection technology by launching TDP-T45 Projector. Specifically designed for people who demand quality and performance, the projector is ideal for high definition presentations, which leave a mark and make its presence felt.

A perfect combination of portability and brightness, the projector features an integrated Scalar / De-interlacer and a one button auto setup. Dual PC inputs, Monitor Out and Audio In and Out makes it one versatile device to fall for. Long lamp life upto 2000 hours makes it possible to work even in Ambient light continuously. Not only this you can connect two computers to the projector at the same time and can switch between two.

Offering a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and 2500 lumens of brightness, the 3kg weighing projector is ideal for both data and video. 33dB of Fan noise ensures that presentation is viewed with silence. Though the price is kept hidden by Toshiba, they offer a 3 year loan replacement policy.

Via: Retrevo