Toshiba RV525 Series TV

Toshiba America Consumer Products recently launched RV525 Series LCD TVs based on Super Resolution Technology. You can easily upconvert standard definition digital content to a high definition content using the latest technology. The RV525 Series TV is available in 40” and 46” diagonal screen sizes.

“The TV industry is now hyper-dynamic, with faster change in both technology and price points,” said Scott Ramirez, VP, Marketing. “Toshiba is now setting the new pace of change by announcing a second new TV line-up for fall 2008. We are introducing new leading technologies, like SRT, and also strengthening our core models for the key selling season.”

The RV525 series offers a resolution of 1080p with DynaLight Dynamic Backlight control for deep blacks. Restore the picture size using Native Mode. The high resolution PC input adds to the versatility. The TV offers unprecedented image and video quality with superb sound.

The TV is available with a beautiful high-gloss cabinet and the price has not been disclosed yet by Toshiba.