Toshiba rolls out two high memory capacity 2.5 type 320GB HDDs


Toshiba’s latest high memory capacity 2.5 type 320GB HDDs have become a hot topic these days. The company claims that 320GB MK3252GSX is the industry’s largest memory capacity 2.5 type disk featuring rpm 7 and 200 revolutions/minute. Toshiba’s MK3252GSX delivers improved performance and recording density due to its enhanced magnetic head along with improved magnetic layer of the disk. It brother MK2049GSY features bulk buffer memory of 16MB besides the rpm of the disk in 7 and 200 revolutions,/minute. The enhanced buffer rate reduces the random waiting time. Both models conform to RoHS order and are thus eco-friendly. Interested people can view it at Berlin (Germany) IFA2007 from August 31st to September 5th and DISKCON USA 2007 on September 19th.

Via: Toshiba