Toshiba MK2431GAH: Worlds First Dual-platter 240GB HDD

Toshiba Corporation recently came up with industry’s first 1.8-inch dual-platter 240GB HDD MK2431GAH. It is not only a high capacity device but is also RoHS compatible. The drive is based on PMR technology and specially made for light-weight mobile PC applications and high-end digital video camcorders.

The drive features areal densities of 531.9Mbit/mm with an average seek time of 15ms and lowered CO2 emissions. The interface speed of 100MB/s and rotational speed of 4,200rpm makes it one outstanding high performance device.

The drive features an energy consumption efficiency of 0.0013W/GB and is one device of its kind. The price of the 59g weighing MK2431GAH has not been disclosed yet by Toshiba but it will enter mass production at the end of September.

Via: Press