Toshiba launches HDDs with low noise

MK4058GSX Toshiba Corporation recently launched 2.5-Inch HDD with 7200 rotational speed. The entire range of models includes 400GB MK4058GSX, 320GB MK3254GSY, 320GB MK3252GSX, 250GB, 200GB MK2049GSY, 160GB, 120GB and 80GB etc. Offering near silent operation, the HDD sets global standards in performance. The drives will be featured at DISKCON JAPAN 2008.

The low noise model augments the density to 477Mbit/mm2, thanks to enhanced magnetic layer and improved read-write head. You can now enjoy noise free playback of digital content with acoustic noise reaching 2dB. The Free Fall Sensor function keeps it secure from any damage. The environmental friendly MK4058GSX improves energy consumption efficiency. Not only this the halogen free and RoHS compatible MK4058GSX lowers the CO2 emission.

Though the price of all these HDDs is not declared yet but it will create a boom in the industry with its features.

Via: Press